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ZBE specialization/what ZBE can provide

We travel to your premises

ZBE is happy to travel to your company premises (within greater Tokyo) to tutor individuals in groups. Staff members/Students can attend weekly lessons at their company premises, and not having to use company time by traveling to a school results in a stress free environment for students. This service is also very convenient for Department Managers, as a cost-saving measure and valuable company time being used at the minimum. This, according to many student groups (mainly Senior company Managers and Executives, as well as groups taking lessons), is very attractive, together with the various areas that ZBE is involved in.

ZBE class guidelines:

  • Teaching groups of 5 – 7 individuals per lesson and these lessons are in the duration of 55 minute periods, with a 5 minute break in between. Number of lessons per week is at the discretion of groups and their convenience.
  • Class levels are BASIC, INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED. Individual students will be assessed regarding their level of English before commencement of classes.
  • ZBE will endeavour to customize lessons according to students’ and company’s needs.