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Student Testimonials

Shota Nishijima, Public Servant

I received lessons from teacher Zack for about three months before I was posted to a position overseas.
He always offered appropriate contents in the lessons considering my situation and expectations.
He offered a lot of knowledge by not only his high level teaching skills but also his experience in business field.
He always prepared for the lessons perfectly, so his professionalism is appreciated.
I hope his lessons would help your English ability to improve.

Hiroyuki Suzuki, President and Chief Executive Officer, foreign-affiliated Life Insurance Co.

“Teaching is a tough trade. I have been learning English from Zack-san for almost one year. I really enjoy talking and studying with him. He is always sincere, sometimes sharp, and very enthusiastic. Thanks! You are such a great teacher!”

Jacinta Hin – Human Resources Manager – Asia Pacific

“In his classes Zack provides a sense of intimacy which allows his students to learn in a relaxed atmosphere. He is an enthusiastic teacher, always friendly and patient. He creates a fun learning environment, and gives his pupils just the right amount of homework that stretches their learning without putting stress on them. He is serious about his work and passionate about his students’ improvement.”

Sayuri Takano – Accountant – Asia Pacific

Zack is kind and respectable teacher.
He has a large vocabulary and can talk with various area,culture, history, sports, etc.
He is especially good at teaching grammar and he makes you corrected when you speak in wrong grammar.
That’s very helpful for English learner.
If you want to learn formal business English, I strongly recommend him.
You could be satisfied with new vocabularies and phrases and his great personality.

Makoto Mitsuishi – Sales Director, Sales Division

Zack is a really reliable teacher. He teaches not only English but how to live a valuable life, based on his own various experiences. I learned English when I was between the job, then I was encouraged a lot from him and was able to be confident in my language and job skill.

Ichiro Konishi – Supervisor, Japan Assembly Plant, Asia Pacific

I believe Zack is good at explanations. According to our experience, we know English is hard to understand even we had a lot of explanations in Japanese. However his explanation is really kind for us even we have no Japanese in his lesson. I believe it depends on his skills and experience.