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Business Skill Training

Business Meetings

Becoming more accomplished in facilitating & conducting meetings with foreigners and in foreign countries. Gaining confidence in facilitating meetings is of fundamental importance and this area is a focus at ZBE.

  • Roll play exercises for awareness regarding how Meetings are conducted in western, English-speaking countries.
  • Expert and immediate feedback on individual and group performances. On-going practice is conducted to hone students’ skills.

Business Presentations

Japanese Presentations are markedly different to western Presentations, and as a result misunderstandings and sometimes even conflict can occur when a message in a Presentation is delivered incorrectly. Therefore ZBE will assist in the following areas:

  • Manner: ZBE shows groups how to deliver in the correct manner. Focus is on eye contact, correct body language, facial expressions and gestures to accentuate various points.
  • Video: Extensive practice is fundamentally important and video clips can be recorded of individuals and groups to show improvement in all areas.
  • Contents: Presentations, including the Opening (Introduction), Main Body and Closing (Conclusion) are focused upon.
  • ZBE helps build confidence: After practice and meticulous attention to detail, individuals and groups will gain the vital confidence to stand in front of an audience (large or small) and deliver a professional presentation with ease.