HOW TO….Succeed at Interviews

(1) “Dress for success”! – Wear a smart business suit; be well-groomed and get a good night’s sleep before the interview. Remember – “The first impression lasts the longest”.

(2) Arrive well on time – This is an opportunity for mental preparation and to indicate punctuality. This is a very professional first approach.

(3) Prepare well for the interview – Know the company, their history, culture and most importantly the position you are applying for.


(1) Experience based on 5 years of headhunting (in the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries) to provide concise and practical guidance in this area.
(2) Interview practice, preparation and advice regarding correct usage of business English.
(3) Practice mock interviews – as many times as needed.
(4) Free advice regarding the “do’s” and the “don’ts” in order to prepare the student(s) to be that top candidate.